Let me start by saying, I worked in the health care industry for a few years for an MRI Center. Many times when patients would come in referred from Dr. Hwang we noticed that their MRI's improved greatly after being treated by Dr. Hwang. Now, as someone who dealt with over 50 doctors/ chiropractors a day, I can easily and confidently say that Dr. Hwang is by far one of the absolute best you can visit. I say this not only in my opinion, but in proof of MRIs. I was so compelled by the results that I had seen by Dr. Hwang that I choose him out of the thousands of doctors in the greater Bay Area to treat myself and my family. Coming from a position to be able to judge the quality of Doctor it should speak volumes as to my decision to choose this practice. I have for years suffered from terrible headaches and back issues. When I went to Dr. Hwang not only did he treat me he took his time and explained EVERY detail of why and how something happens. This is not your typical office where they pile in tons and patients and move them on. When you decide to get treated from Dr. Hwang not only will you receive the best treatment you are getting invaluable information. Since i started my treatment here, I have seen a GREAT decline in my headaches and have learned the best practices to keeping myself healthy to prevent hurting myself further. Lastly, my mother had suffered from Vertigo for years. There would be weeks on end where she would be bed ridden and not be able to do anything. All of her other doctors gave her medications to try and ease the pain, but to no avail, nothing worked. These were doctors from Stanford University and UCSF, not your fly by night doctors. In a last ditch effort, I begged my mom to come see Dr. Hwang. She was one of the many people who did not believe in Chiropractors and their methods. Lets fast forward now, as I type this my mother is out Christmas shopping for the family enjoying herself with friends. Its amazing what Dr. Hwang was able to do not only for her but my family. We feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with him. Not only has he changed our lives, he is always in our prayers as well.


    Dr. Hwang was exactly what I needed after getting rear ended at a red light. He helped me get better right away with using the latest technology and his extensive knowledge in the field of chiropractic. He made me feel special from the get go. After getting in my accident, Dr. Hwang was the only doctor who wished to see me right away. All the others I had called wanted to me to make appointments as late as two days after. He was thorough and took several different tests to help show the extent of my injury and even stayed late to allow me to come in. I especially enjoyed talking about basketball with him too, GO DUBS! 


    After careful research, I have chosen to consult with Dr. Huang's office not just because of the favorable reviews but also because of the decompression therapy being offered, which for me is an important part of chiropractic care.  Dr. Hwang and his staff were very accommodating considering my work schedule and the fact that I would be in town for just a few months.  I was further impressed by the array of treatments offered other than decompression therapy and chiropractic adjustments.  I also benefited from manual therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.  Above all, what impresses me the most is his unsurpassed dedication to his patients and the passion he holds for his work.  He is an avid listener, possesses a natural curiosity which motivates him to get to the root of a problem, compelling him to find a solution.  As well, he is enthusiastic about imparting his knowledge.  He wants his patients to understand their ailments as well as the treatments offered.  He dedicates a lot of time for the appointments and you have his full attention.  His enthusiasm is contagious, l left his office armed with more knowledge and a renewed dedication for my health.  He has helped me realize that keeping your appointments is only part of the work; what is just as important is what you do outside the office: nutrition, physical activity, sleep etc. Thank you Dr. Hwang !


    Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2019, I was involved in a very bad accident where I was hit by a red-light runner. The car that I was in spun out and was completely totaled. I was referred to Dr. Hwang by several of my family members, who were also past patients of his, and they assured me that he would take great care of me. Not only did he care about my physical well-being, but he also cared a lot about my mental wellness. Dr. Hwang is one of the most down to Earth doctors that I have ever encountered, and you can tell that he truly cares about his patients. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does.

    I personally hate going to doctor appointments, but Dr. Hwang's office was an exception. Over the time of my treatment there, I have built a relationship with Dr. Hwang and his assistant which made me feel like family. Rather than seeing this appointment as an inconvenience, I looked forward to going to my appointments because they made me feel welcome and helped with my pain. He has some state-of-the-art technological machines that can determine where your body is having troubles. It was surprising to think that I could recover from that within the time that he has arranged, but the results don't lie!

    I highly recommend Dr. Hwang and his office because they will go above and beyond to make sure that you are in good hands. They will take care of you and make sure that your road to recovery is smooth and effective. Lastly, I really appreciate the kindness and support they have given me throughout my treatments, and I would like to thank Dr. Hwang and his team.


    I started to visit Dr. Hwang for my back injury. The medical equipment he is using is state of art, and his office/clinic has a tranquility  setting , as soon as you walk in, you'll be  surrounded  with healing and comforting atmosphere as well as positive energy. The best part is, Dr. Hwang's profound knowledge about health, and power of  holistic healing, not limited to physical treatment, but extended to a wide range of array, such as neurology and psychology and more. He sees body and mind  are  connected as one unit, injury and illness are related your overall well being.   I came for physical injury, I didn't tell him anything else, he diagnosed me with weak immune system, over active nerve system and offered to treat;  the symptoms that he pointed were very true but I didn't tell anyone before.    I only been through a few his treatments, the benefit is obvious. I'm convinced I finally find the right doctor for me, for my health and wellness,  I can say to everyone,  no  matter you're young or old,  having physical injury from sports,  auto accidents (by the way, he is a auto injury expert),  or  you have a rush lifestyle just want  to de-stress yourself to feel good again, just come to see him. Visiting Dr. Hwang,  you will change your perspective, change your life.


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