Insight Subluxation Station

Five Technologies. Unlimited Potential

The Insight Subluxation Station™ Discovery model is a 5-technology unit that provides a comprehensive picture of your neurospinal health. The tests are painless, non-invasive, scientifically sound and easy to understand. Our integrated technology includes:

  • ThermalScanner
  • Inclinometer
  • Algometer
  • PulseWaveProfiler
  • SurfaceEMG

The results from these sophisticated tests can be used individually, in combination with each other, or all together for a comprehensive, multi-dimensional view of your overall spinal health known as the NeuroSpinal Function Index (NSFi): a patent pending composite index that takes the five measured components of the Insight and assimilates them into a single, easy to understand number that gives us a single number that reflects the overall impression of your neurospinal health.  

Thermal Scan
The Thermal Scan is used to assess the part of your nervous system that helps to control your organs, glands, and blood vessels, the autonomic system. The instrument does this by precisely measuring differences in temperature along the spine. Since proper function of your organs, glands, and blood vessels is essential to healing and living well, this test gives your Doctor a "snapshot" of how this portion of your nervous system is working and how it is responding to your care. 

Surface Electromyograph (sEMG)
The Insight sEMG technology is similar to the technology used in EKG/heart rate measurement machines. One primary difference is that the Insight sensors are 1,000 times more sensitive, since the paraspinal muscles generate less electrical activity [action potential] than the heart muscle. The sensitivity and accuracy of the Insight technology is unsurpassed!

The sEMG measures baseline status and changes in the electrical activity of paraspinal muscles in order to quantify the muscular changes associated with vertebral subluxations. This makes it a powerful tool for tracking outcome assessment results from your care. 

If there was tenderness felt along your spine or if you were suffering from pain, the Algometry (pain mapping) exam will be performed to produce a comprehensive map of the pattern of pain along your spine. This test measures the sensitivity of various locations to pressure.

The Algometer enables your Doctor to obtain accurate information concerning the sensory portion of the nervous system by mapping pressure/pain sensitivity along the spine. Your Doctor and your team applies pressure to tender areas; the Pressure Pain Threshold (PPT) is determined by the amount of force required for you to first perceive discomfort. Previously subjective perceptions can now be accurately measured, mapped and graphically displayed to assess progress throughout your course of therapy. 

Wireless Dual Inclinometer
The Insight™ Inclinometer is used to perform accurate spinal range-of-motion (ROM) measurements. There are three market-leading features to the Insight Inclinometer:

[1] It is three dimensional - meaning you can do rotation with the patient in the upright position!
[2] It is hands-free which leads to a much faster and more accurate exam.
[3] It is wireless using Blue Tooth™ technology and has passed all wireless coexistence regulatory requirements. (Other wireless instruments on the market don't have this level of independent lab testing and federal regulatory compliance.)  

Pulse Wave Profiler (PWP) 
The Pulse Wave Profiler helps your Doctor to determine your overall ability to adapt to stress. It does this by looking at the timing of your pulse, and determining the balance and tone of your nervous system. This exam is known as heart rate variability. Proper balance and tone are associated with better adaptability and a healthy lifestyle. Low heart rate variability is associated with aging and poor heart health. Published research has shown that chiropractic adjustments have a beneficial effect on heart rate variability.

The Insight PWP allows you to monitor the autonomic nervous system in new ways by collecting Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data. This is a unique, extremely exciting, and powerful tool for your Doctor. Heart Rate Variability is the beat-to-beat variation in heart rate. This natural rise and fall of heart rate is caused by several physiologic phenomena, including breathing and autonomic nervous system activity. Your Doctor utilize HRV to get a window into how the autonomic nervous system (ANS) modulates heart rate in the baseline or resting state. Published research has demonstrated that chiropractic therapy have favorable effects on HRV parameters.

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