• Claudine Daquina
    Certified Medical Assistant, Wellness Specialist

    Before I joined the winning team of Wellness Evolution, I didn't really know much about chiropractic. Now that I have, I cannot be more thankful. I have definitely gained knowledge from patients and their experiences with Dr. Hwang. I have seen the growth of not only myself, but the patients as well. Envisioning for a healthier life I have gotten treatments for myself. I have found myself being more cautious and wanting to learn more on how to live a healthier life for me and my loved ones. Working with Dr. Hwang, I always learn something valuable that I cherish and can be helpful for my everyday life.

    Patients are not only getting treatments, but they are also always learning something new from Dr. Hwang every time they come in to see him. They walk out with great treatments and also bringing knowledge with them. Dr. Hwang does not only listen, but also hears you out with health or life situations that you are encountering and helps you find solutions. He is not just a regular Doctor, he is a one-of-a-kind Doctor.

  • Brittany Reyna
    Wellness Specialist

    Being in pain can affect your life in so many ways and I’m speaking from experience. After being in two car accidents last year I thought everything internally was okay, of course I was wrong. For months I was having mid back and lower back pain but did nothing about it. I wasn’t able to sit for too long and I would wake up in the middle of the night in pain. Going through that affected my days tremendously. I soon met Dr. Hwang and joined his winning team which made me realize how chiropractic care is positive. I then started treatment and realized why all of Dr. Hwang’s patients talk so highly of him. He’s an amazing doctor and does what he says. I am now pain free and I never thought that day would come. Not only am I pain free but also feeling healthier and much more positive.

    Working side by side with Dr. Hwang has taught me so many things not just about chiropractic care but also life. He has really impacted my life in different ways and he can do so for you. He takes care of our patients like they’re his family. Not only does he take the pain away but finds the underlying cause of the pain so it will never come back. This is why our patients here at wellness evolution walk out positively and smiling once their treatment is finished. If you’re ready to keep up with your spinal hygiene, wellness evolution is the best place to start with.

  • Tiffani Patel
    Wellness Specialist

    Before working at Hwang Family Chiropractic office, I honestly didn't know much about the benefits of chiropractic.  Now that I've exerienced the benefits firsthand, it's the method I now turn to to treat my migraines.  Ever since I was ten years old, I've had at least four or five migraines a month.  It was very interruptive in my life, and prevented me from enjoying the activites that the rest of my friends and classmates participated in.  After seeing many doctors and even taking an MRI scan, the solution presented to me was the over-the-counter-drug Excedrin Migraine.  Within half an hour, it usually took away the excrutiating pain.  However, I started depending on Excedrin so much that I was taking two pills almost everyday.  I was not aware of the damage that over-the-counter drugs can do to your liver and kidneys. 

    Only recently did I realize that taking medication constantly for headaches is not an effective treatment method.  It numbs the pain temporarily, and causes damage in other parts of your body.  I was relieved to find out that Dr. Hwang could help me.  He was able to find the source of my migraines, and began treatment as soon as he could.  Since I've been working here, my migraines have decreased significantly, and I no longer worry about when or where my next headache will be.  I haven't taken any medication for my headaches, and it's nice to know I can be pain-free without harming my body with drugs.  I am so excited about this revelation, and am telling all my friends and family about the benefits of chiropractic.  I trust Dr. Hwang with my health, and I am so grateful for what he's been able to do for my migraines.

  • Khristy Gaska
    Wellness Specialist

    After being involved in a car accident last October, I had neglected the treatment. I have learned that neglecting treatment had been deteriorating my personal health and life. As soon as I discovered the chiropractic, I fixed my mistake by taking responsibility and time to get the care. Being treated by Dr. Hwang, I have started to see a drastic change in symptoms that were unbearable and made it hard to even concentrate on my daily function. Not only do I see the changes, but I feel more positive energy because I am in the process of transitioning my health and wellness towards to the optimal status.. As my nerve system is functioning, my health is improving and my mind is enlightening. Being a patient as well as a team member at wellness evolution I am experiencing about how chiropractic care truly benefits one's health and well- being everyday.

    An amazing thing about Dr. Hwang is that not only does he patiently help with your pain but he accurately detects and scientifically removes the underlying causes of the nerve interferences or damages and passionately restores your health. As long as you believe that nerves control everything in your body and if those are running smoothly together then you will be on your journey to your happiest healthiest self.

  • Angie Aviles
    Wellness Specialist

    I truly understand how it feels to be in pain, and of course all we want is for that to go away. I was dealing with mid-back and neck pain from an accident I had been in about 5 years ago. I had consulted with chiropractors before, but in the back of my mind they made me feel like I was bound down to a yearlong commitment or nothing. But what I have really learned and respected about Dr. Hwang, is that it's not about pinning people down for this huge commitment, it's about helping them as much as they want to be helped. Some people choose to do nothing; others choose to get rid of the pain. But here at wellness evolution, our goal is to dig deeper and find the underlying causes so the pain doesn't return.

    Maintaining my health has always been a huge part of my life, and for this reason, I most enjoy Dr. Hwangs office. He shares his knowledge as well as the joy in spreading these teachings to others. He doesn't just hand his patients some pamphlets about our services, but he takes the time out of his day to talk about their problems and how he can help. Patients initially come in to get rid of their pain, but in the end their mindset about our chiropractic services has evolved. We are not only looked at as a pain reliever, as well as a life coach to preserve our patient's health.

  • Femia Djohan
    Wellness Specialist

    13 years ago, I was sitting where you are sitting now as one of Dr. Hwang's  patient.  And now I sit before you here as one of his 1000 recovering patients, while working with him side by side to helping patients like you regain your health back and live a well fulfilling life!  I believe and trust Dr. Hwang's way of care in treating his patients. That is why my entire family has been in his care, both my elderly parents and my young brother.  Dr. Hwang is a family doctor, who treats his patients as part of his very own family.

    I've realized the well-being of our health is our ultimate priority in life!  Without health we won't be able to do what we love and take care of the people we love.  So to be able to enjoy life to the fullest and live a healthy life, I am integrating my background career as an Architectural-Interior Designer for the last decade, specializing in energy and environmental sustainably green design and combining it also now as a Healthcare~giver by tending to Dr. Hwang's patients and using Feng Shui design focusing  on the Health aspect and Building Biology from the IBE (Institute of Building Biology and Ecology) taking my knowledge beyond 'Green' to 'Health and Wellness' in creating healthier homes and workplaces. 

    Human health and wellbeing are  linked to the materials in our homes and commercial buildings, from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and to the electromagnetic field exposure in our indoor environments. Bringing together the technical expertise, biological understanding and ecological sensitivity to create healthy homes and workplaces, I am committed to building the global awareness that a natural living space not only promotes human health and wellbeing, it also has a positive impact on our environment. I believe our body will naturally heal itself given the proper care by our doctor and ourselves in the healing environment of our own home care. Given our home has been designed and built sustainably with non-toxic green materials while using the Feng Shui Health principle layout.

  • Jocelyn Wei
    Wellness Specialist

    As a child, my main goal in life was to find a way to help others. By working with Dr.Hwang in helping people become healthier, it has been a great opportunity for me to fulfill that dream. As a patient of chiropractic, I have personally experienced the impact continued chiropractic care has had in my own life. I consider my scheduled chiropractic adjustments to be an essential for my own wellbeing. When I witness patients making strides of their own in our practice, I am always in awe of the capacity of the human body to heal and stay strong. Since I began working here, I have seen countless people's lives change for the better.  I am excited every day to have the ability to guide each patient towards better health and wellness.

    What I love the best about working with Dr.Hwang  is how passionate he is about what he does. This is not a job for him; it is part of his life. He is such a nice, friendly and gentle doctor who focused on coaching people to have a healthy life through scientific way. I highly recommend for you to come in and talk with Dr.Hwang about your health. You will have a rewarding wellness evolution experience with us. We are looking forward to seeing you in our clinic.

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