Computerized Stress Analysis

Essential to our Computerized Stress Analysis approach is the remarkable Insight Subluxation Station technology, which has been awarded certification as Space-Certified technology by NASA on astronauts on shuttle missions and now we use the same technology here at  a wellness evolution. With it, we are able to establish a reliable and scientifically valid representation of your condition - something never before possible.

stress analysis


This incredible technology is able to detect problems that are not measurable by the doctor alone. It is so sensitive that it can even detect problems before they are painful. It also enables us to accurately track the effectiveness of treatment and allows us to communicate your findings more effectively.

a wellness evolution Insight Subluxation Station combines five separate computerized test scores to determine your neuro spinal functional index number (NSFi), a comprehensive measurement of your Nervous System function. The NSFi scale runs from 0 to 100, this number is as value as your cholesterol number. It is important to know your number so that you and Dr. Hwang have a better understanding of your overall health and well-being.  

Insight Subluxation Stations a 5-technology unit that provides a comprehensive picture of your  neuro spinal health. The tests are painless, non-invasive, scientifically sound and easy to understand. Our integrated technology includes:

  • Thermal Scan - Shows how stress is affecting your internal/autonomic nervous system, which controls organs, glands, and blood vessels, etc.
  • Surface EMG Scan - Shows how stress is affecting your motor nervous system and muscles  that support your spine.
  • Range of Motion - Shows how stress is affecting your flexibility and mobility.
  • Algometry - Shows how stress is affecting your sensitivity to pain.
  • Heart Rate Variability - Shows how stress is affecting your heart rhythms of adapting to your environment.

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