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 About BioVeda


BioVeda means "Knowledge and Wisdom of the Body".  We are rooted in holistic healthcare and incorporate nearly all components of complementary and alternative medicine.  Our in-house scientists, engineers and physicians have over 100 years of collective and collaborative experience in developing and refining meridian and energy stress assessment technology, low level light therapy and integrating it with homeopathic medicine as well as nutritional and herbal supplementation to provide a complete and holistic system based approach to wellness.

Our team is led by the foremost industry experts and founding fathers of energy medicine.  We have a physician board that includes published authors, members of the institute of BioEnergetic Medicine, certified NAET instructors, certified DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctors, doctors with advanced degrees in Bio-Nutrition and Homeopathy as well as Integrative Metabolic Medicine.  Not only is our physician team head and shoulders above any peers in the industry, our engineering team is distinguished as well with members from both the space industry and Microsoft's affiliated advanced application architects.  This team has come together to ensure you get the care you deserve, that our doctors are the best trained, best prepared to provide care, and to develop our clinical model to its full potential.

This is BioVeda Technologies!    


The BAX Aura Clinical System

Effective. Practical.Safe. Holistic. Non-invasive.To call the BAX Aura Clinical System unique or revolutionary is quite honestly an understatement.  The BAX Aura Clinical System comprises fully automated and computerized MESA (Meridian and Energy Stress Assessment) Technology, Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), nutritional and herbal supplementation as well as homeopathic medications to  make you well and keep you well.

Our clinical process starts with a skin level reading that provides information on how thousands of environmental, chemical and food substances may be impacting the body's core energy levels.  This information can then be used in conjunction with your health history, family history and symptomatic expression by your Doctor or Therapist to determine the best course of your care.

When specific substances interrupt the energy flow of your body, additional stress can be placed on your body's organs and systems resulting in many of the symptoms experienced by you.  The BAX Aura System not only provides information to help you assess which substances may be causing an imbalance; but, it provides a complete therapeutic system to help bring your body back to balance.


Mode and Method


The BAX Aura System consists of (4) core components:

Meridian and Energy Stress Assessment (MESA) Technology

This component is where therapy starts and helps you to assess:

  • Which substances may be  impacting patient health
  • The strength of the energetic stress response to each individual substance
  • How these substances increase stress on specific organs and systems of your body
  • Which products are appropriate for you both during and after Low Level Light Therapy

Low Level Light Therapy

What makes our therapy highly unique is the integrated use of Low Level Light Therapy.  At a wellness evolution, we use light as a carrier medium to induct digital frequencies and information your body can use to restore balance.  We utilize red, green and far-infrared to provide the traditional benefits of light therapy such as increased circulation, healing and general reduction of pain and inflammation. We present the light on the appropriate acupoints to redirect the flow of energy, reduce substance specific stress and bring your body back to balance.

Harmonic Imprinting

In addition to light therapy, the BAX Aura integrates harmonic imprinting.  This allows your Doctor or Therapist to fortify homeopathy with additional information further customizing the therapy to you.  The homeopathy in this phase is used to support organ and system function as well as promoting detoxification to further the energy balancing process.

Homeopathy, Nutrition & Herbal Supplementation

The final component of therapy is supplementation.  The BAX Aura system is focused on not only reducing and alleviating stress on the body but providing you with the tools to maintain wellness. Our supplementation process focuses on adding nutrients, improving nutrient absorption, promoting hydration, mineralization, supporting the thyroid and adrenals as well as other key organs and systems of the body.  We then layer in the use of safe and natural complex homeopathic medications to reduce and eliminate symptoms related to:

  • Food, Pet, Environmental and Chemical based Allergies
  • Migraines & Headaches
  • Skin Conditions such as Rashes, Hives, Eczema and Rosacea
  • Asthma, Wheezing and Shortness of Breath

The combination of these products promotes the safe and natural improvement in both physical and emotional health.


BioVeda Supplements

Integrated products formulated and designed to specifically compliment MESA Technology and Low Level Light Therapy is what distinguishes BioVeda and our approach to health and wellness.  Our integrated products are the key tools to true wellness and what makes the BAX AURA a complete clinical system.

So now you ask the question, why do we need nutritionals, herbal supplements and homeopathy?  If the light therapy works so well, why do we need to use these products?  The answers are easy!  Light therapy is great for substance specific stress reduction.  Light therapy however cannot add nutrients to the body if it's deficient, nor can it heal organs and systems that have been abused or neglected.

  1. Every patient is unique with varying degrees of health.  To properly address each individual BioVeda provides a deep and diverse set of resources for you.
  2. For true healing to occur, it is often necessary to support individuals that do not get the nutrients they need through diet or the additional support that might be required due to poor lifestyle habits and choices.  As we facilitate proper hydration, mineralization and nutrition we can begin the journey of bringing the body back to balance and even boosting the immune system.  By using primarily liquid based micronized whole food based organic nutrients, we can provide you with superior products that can be properly absorbed and metabolized quickly.
  3. When factoring for normal stress in your daily lives, genetically modified foods, artificial fillers, artificial colors, preservatives, hormones, pesticides and other chemicals, it's important to consider how to combat them with support for the adrenals and thyroid or by working to balance your body's PH.  We believe it's imperative to have resources to cleanse and detox.
  4. Rather than subjecting you in need of immediate relief to pharmaceuticals and their associated side effects, BioVeda has formulated pharmaceutical grade over the counter homeopathic medications that are safe, natural and without side effects.  These products are FDA regulated for the treatment of:
  • Environmental & Seasonal Allergies
  • Pet Allergies
  • Grains, Gluten, Dairy and Lactose Induced Allergies
  • Chemical Allergies
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Skin Conditions, Rashes, Eczema, Hives and Psoriasis
  • Respiratory trouble including wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath

Our approach is simple.  Take stress off your body, boost the immune system, promote healthy detoxification, support and repair organ and system function and collectively increase core energy and bring your body back to balance.

The BioVeda line of products has been exclusively developed over time for BioVeda Technologies.  All of these products were developed with our technology as the focal point and meant solely to compliment and support therapy.

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